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To get the behavior you want you need to do a few things in addition to stopping the pop-up delay: Install CCSM if not installed already. apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager from the terminal or search for "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings
I'm particularly interested in the last two shortcuts. I use the "grid" option of CompizConfig Settings Manager. "Grid" is developed as an extra plugin, so you have to install compiz-fusion-plugins-extra package (I couldn't see this in "software cent
I'm testing Natty, and Compiz keeps crashing on me. However, it doesn't always give me the option to restart Compiz, and for some reason doesn't have a fallback window manager(WM) configured. Without a WM, all my programs are still running, but they'
Enable Compiz Desktop Cube in Ubuntu 12. 10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12. 04 Precise/Ubuntu 11
Relevant reading: What is the relationship between Unity, Gnome, Gnome 3, Compiz, Metacity, and LightDM? What kinds of desktop environments and shells are available? When installing packages (particularly those with graphical UIs) how do you determine which is fitting for your distribution? What is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu 13
unity-2d has some of its own processes and some processes that derive from unity (unity-2d uses unity libraries). You can find these processes with: ps aux | grep unity This yields these (see the right-most tokens in the above command output): unity-
I have just re-installed 15. 04 after updating my older BIOS to a newer version, prior to this re-installation the keyboard back light was functional; however, it doesn't seem to be working anymore after I did the re-installation. I feel like it may
Answer #: 1 Workspaces are by default disabled on a new install of Ubuntu v13. 04. You can toggle workspaces on/off as well as defining the number of workspaces through unity-tweak-tool The number of workspaces can be safely set without using CCSM th