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I do not think that correct answer can be given without “technical jargon”. Since this question is the first one popping up in Google for the query “what is a login shell” I am providing a more correct answer below: Login shell is simply a shell that
In our example it's a video from one of the VEVO's playlists. Paste the link Run YouTube Downloader and paste the link by pressing the first button on the toolbar or using paste hotkey (Cmd-V on Mac, Ctrl-V on Windows and Linux). You can also drag'n'
Para que usted pueda encontrar "" resultados de la búsqueda relacionados: Is it possible to clean the APT cache from the command line?
Question:I recently asked a question on Ask Ubuntu (or somewhere else), and a comment or answer asks me to paste the contents of some file or the output of a command to troubleshoot my problem. How do I do that? Solution:1How to easily share all or p
The sudo command, short for “superuser do,” is the most powerful command prefix you can use in Terminal. It elevates your account privileges temporarily, allowing you to run commands that would typically be prohibited. With this power, you can do ser
Gnome-terminal is generally more of a resource hog than xterm and rxvt. Also, gnome-terminal's install size is generally around ten times larger than xterm's. By default, urxvt uses a feature called fast scrolling
There are two BIOS mode: Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI BIOS mode. In most cases, we don't need to know which BIOS mode our Windows OS is using. But sometimes, we need to know which BIOS mode Windows OS is using
I remember being confused for a very long time about the trailing garbage in commands I saw in Unix systems, especially while watching compilers do their work. Nobody I asked could tell me what the funny greater-thans, ampersands and numbers after th
When you don’t know how to resize an image correctly, you’re much more likely to make a bad first impression on your website’s visitors. Images are the welcome mat to your website and can make or break your first impression. Sure, you might have grea