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Save and Restore your Terminal tabsBy Wyldeplayground | June 1, 2017 | Category gnome, gnome-terminal, Ubuntu Author:Francesco Marchioni I have a large list of tabs which are open in each terminal. I’d need to save them with a meaningful name and res
For new users who are just starting out with Ubuntu and want to install Google Chrome browser, here’s the quickest way to do it. There are many ways to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu. Some prefer going directly to Google Chrome download page and get
For 12. 04 and belowThe additional drivers program has a command line interface, jockey-text: Use jockey-text --list to get a list of available drivers and their status, then use # the init lines are required only for graphics drivers sudo init 1 joc
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I use mainly Terminator, and it's usually opened with 3 split terminal windows. I also use Gnome terminal for various reasons. I'm wondering how is bash history handled in this case as I sometimes miss previously issued commands when I run history Fo
This is quick guide on how to use netcat (nc) to chat between two PCs over LAN. VM 1: CentOS 6. 6 My CentOS machine did not have netcat (nc) preinstalled so I had to manually install it
How many of you failed to connect to WiFi network in Linux? Did you bumped into issues like the followings in different forums, discussion page, blogs? I am sure everyone did at some point. Following list shows just the results from Page 1 of a Googl
First, look for the Git Bash prompt provided by msysGit. It's probably on your desktop, but if you can't find it there, have a look in the Start Menu. This is a version of Bash, which is a standard shell on GNU/Linux systems (for shell basics, start
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This question already has an answer here: I need to automate the shell script, which have to send the values to a command prompt; the value1,value2 and value3 are in shell script Script1. sh. when I run this script in cmmand prompt, it will ask for I