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One difference is in how they handle the IFS variable on output. #!/bin/sh echo "unquoted asterisk " $* echo "quoted asterisk $*" echo "unquoted at " $@ echo "quoted at $@" IFS="X" echo "IFS is now $IFS" echo "unquoted asterisk " $* echo "quoted aste
As recommended on https://help. ubuntu. com/community/EnvironmentVariables: Global environment variables meant to affect all users should go in /etc/environment
What is the command that can be used to draw the directory tree inside the terminal emulator? You can use tree to print the directory tree in terminal. Install tree from terminal, sudo apt-get install tree To see the directory tree, use tree /path/to
This solution works perfectly well but is a bit of a joke as well because the first thing I thought when I read your question was 'Who still literally uses man from the command line? Doesn't everyone just Google the man page they want (so that they g
They seem to both signal BASH to commence with another command following the symbols but is there a distinct difference? With this line: command1 && command2 command2 will be executed if (and only if) command1 returns exit status zero, wherea
Since this is a very high rated question on google, I'll add the steps I did to re-enable beep in both console and X11: For the Linux Console (CTRL+ALT+F1. .
I'm testing Natty, and Compiz keeps crashing on me. However, it doesn't always give me the option to restart Compiz, and for some reason doesn't have a fallback window manager(WM) configured. Without a WM, all my programs are still running, but they'
I have started a long process through a terminal. Is it possible to make the Ubuntu terminal make a sound once the process is complete? This way, I don’t need to keep checking, but will instead be notified through a sound. There are at least three co
The Unique ID is, as the name itself says, a unique identification associated to each account. This ID is generated when you first create your account with one of our games and it remains the same while the account is active, serving as an identifica
I posted an answer to an older thread of similar topic with answers from various sources. Following is a copy of that answer adapted for this thread. Following works: $ (gui_app &> /dev/null &) This is Nathan Fellman's answer plus redirect