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I was wondering what's the terminal command to open the default web browser. sensible-browser is the command you're looking for. Searching on Google I found the answer
I have a file of that looks as follows: foo bartom jerryUNIX Linux Each word and/or Linux is a different length. How do strip or remove the last character from each line using bash or ksh shell only on a Linux or Unix-like systems?You can use any one
Beginning with the common feature of import and export is the moving of the products in an official way from one destination (country) to another (country), what differentiates the terms is "export" - products leave the country and "import" products
Can this be done with standard means? The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit contains timeit. exe that displays detailed execution stats. Here is an example, timing the command "timeit -?": C:\>timeit timeit -? Invalid switch -? Usage: TIMEIT [-f fi
I‘m a new Ubuntu Linux user and noticed that old kernel still exists in my system. Why doesn’t Ubuntu remove old kernels automatically? How do I delete old unused kernel images to free disk space. How to remove unused old kernel images on Ubuntu Linu
That depends on the system you are running. One many OSes, especially Linux based ones, sh is a link to bash. In such case, there are still some differences in behavior where bash try to be more like traditional bourne shell when called sh, but it st
For some reason my laptop is stuck in Caps Lock. I have the Caps Lock key mapped by xmodmap to hyper_l, so I don't have a caps_lock key to turn it off. Is there a way I can turn it off by command line? It would be nice if I could reset the lock state
This question already has an answer here: How do I delete my commands quickly? 9 answers Ctrl+U will only clean from the cursor to the beginning of the line, so if the cursor is at the end of the line, all the line will be cleaned, and if not, there
for /d %a in (c:\Users\user\Documents\"my web sites"\*. *) do copy /y c:\Users\user\Documents\"my web sites"\public_html\images "%a\images" I have a Web Sites Folder with a copy of all my websites. I have an images sub-directory in each website
You should get a grip on the Linux grep command. This is part of the on-going 15 Examples series, where 15 detailed examples will be provided for a specific command or functionality. Earlier we discussed 15 practical examples for Linux find command,