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sed -i 's/original/new/g' file. txt Explanation: sed = Stream EDitor -i = in-place (i. e
The Linux command line can be very powerful once you know how to use it. You can parse data, monitor processes, automate backups and do a lot of other useful and cool things using it. There often comes a need to generate a report and mail it out
1 Decide how far back you want to check your unread emails for important messages you might have missed. This will depend on how much time you have to spend on the project, and how fast your unread email tends to accumulate. 1 to 3 months is a good r
How can I restart X Window Server from the command line? I'd really like to be able to restart my GUI without having to do a full system reboot. Other Tips. After Ubuntu 12
Uname -a for all information regarding the kernel version, uname -r for the exact kernel version. lsb_release -afor all information related to the Ubuntu version. How do I find the kernel version, Ubuntu release and disk partition information from th
This folder contains base executables which are required for minimal system working. These commands are available in runlevel 1 for basic administration. Commands which are available in /bin folder is accessed by every one and can run by every user
When you install certain updates (e. g. a new kernel) in Ubuntu Desktop, you get an indication that a reboot is required (in Lucid, the logout icon turns red)
Enter the following command in a terminal to print all the environment variables: printenv For further information about this command, read the printenv man page. To show a list including the variables created by yourself you can enter the next comma
How do I migrate my settings from XChat? Unix Copy ~/. xchat2 to ~/. config/hexchat Rename ~/
To follow up on Starson's post, PHP was changed to no longer treat a space as if it were a plus sign in CVS revision 1. 43. 2