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1 Open the Dinesh Command Prompt. Click on the start screen of your computer and go to the search box. Type command prompt or cmd
Correct way to check Java version from BASH scriptlocation: linuxexchange. com - date: December 31, 1969How can I check whether Java is available (in the PATH or via JAVA_HOME) from a bash script and make sure the version is at least 1. 5? How to che
Answer #: 1 For 12. 04 and newer gconf is now deprecated – http://en. wikipedia
For versions before 14. 04 gnome-control-center 14. 04 and greater unity-control-center if you run gnome-control-center and get gnome-control-center: command not found you can install with sudo apt-get install gnome-control-center In Crouton, you mus
This page gives useful information about the way that Ubuntu manages time by changing the timezone, setting up synchronization using Network Time Protocol (NTP), and adjusting servers. This section shows you how to accomplish this task using either t
I know there are options to start a new terminal with a specified title, and that is is possible to change the title from a terminal using the menu: 'Terminal' -> Set Title. However, I want to change it for a current terminal from command line. Ho
Setting up and managing an Ubuntu server all by myself, in coming months, is a part of my current plans. Hence, I am planning a swtich from Windows to Linux - - Ubuntu. I now need to get some grip on the command line, since I am all used to Windows'
Hi. For: Code: OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2. 6
OR you may use the add-apt-repository command. If your release is 'saucy': Depending on your location, you should replace 'us. ' by another country code, referring to a mirror server in your region
Answer #: 1 In Ubuntu, the default . bashrc skeleton file looks for a . bash_aliases file in your home directory when you log in and sources it