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When attempting to remove a directory using a command such as the rmdir command, you may receive a prompt such as "rmdir: 'dir': Directory not empty" and be unable to delete the directory. To remove a directory that contains other files or directorie
Getting disk usage information on a Mac is often gathered by selecting a file, directory, or hard drive and hitting Command-I for Get Info, then appears a nice GUI interface with extended information about the selected object including disk usage. Co
Why do you need to type . / before executing a program?In the terminal, whenever you type the name of an application, let's say gedit, the terminal will go look in some (pre-defined) directories that contain applications (the binaries of the applicat
com/2010/06/26/howto-download-youtube-video-from-command-line-ubuntu/ Converting to mp3Now install ffmpeg from the official repo. sudo apt-get install ffmpeg Next have a look to make sure the flv file has downloaded from youtube by typing ls *flv Thi
I have searched, but not found anything on this. I am looking for a functionality in bash, using a terminal. Way back when, I had a user on a debian system, and a friend set me up with a convenient history search feature (I believe I used tcsh then),
1. Requirements You need to have the following installed and configured on your development machine: Android SDK and platform tools Eclipse IDE 3. 7
A system administrator often needs to run a command repeatedly in a certain periods of time. Often such tasks can be easily completed with simple cron commands. In most of the cases this should work, but the shortest period which you can run cron com
---January 13, 2005 You mignt want to have a look at what "Tidy for FreeBSD" has done to the title of the page, though, 'cos it don't look too tidy, to me! ---January 28, 2005 My fault. . been doing a lot of cleaning up with tidy, but apparently a li
By Gary Newell This is a short but useful guide to show how to run Linux applications from the terminal whilst allowing the terminal to retain control. There are various ways of opening a terminal window in Linux and it largely depends on your choice