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---January 13, 2005 You mignt want to have a look at what "Tidy for FreeBSD" has done to the title of the page, though, 'cos it don't look too tidy, to me! ---January 28, 2005 My fault. . been doing a lot of cleaning up with tidy, but apparently a li
By Gary Newell This is a short but useful guide to show how to run Linux applications from the terminal whilst allowing the terminal to retain control. There are various ways of opening a terminal window in Linux and it largely depends on your choice
Answer #: 1 The command that is run is contained inside the desktop file, preceded by Exec= so you could extract and run that by: `grep '^Exec' filename. desktop | tail -1 | sed 's/^Exec=//' | sed 's/%. //'` & To break that down grep '^Exec' file
Every Google Apps user has a primary address for signing in to their account and receiving mail (if they're using Gmail). If a user wants another address for receiving mail, you can give them an email alias. For example, if bill@solarmora
The following article will help you to extract (unpack) and uncompress (untar) [tar], [tar. gz] and [tar. bz2] files from the Linux command line
FortiSSLVPNclient. exe connect -s "connection name"FortiSSLVPNclient. exe disconnect I'm trying to make it automatically connect to the VPN before opening a RDP session, and prompt to disconnect after the session is closed
In Windows I used command-line clipboard copy-and-paste utilities… These were UnixUtils ports for Windows (but they only handled plain text). There were a couple of other native Windows utils which could write/extracy any format. I’ve looked for some
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Chrome can be launched from Run window by running ‘chrome’ command. If you need to launch it from command prompt, we can run ‘start chrome’ Note that ‘chrome’ command works only from Run and it can’t be used from CLI. C:\>chrome 'chrome' is not re