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until he/she feels the force) like: lshw - Shows you information about all hardwarelsusb - Shows you information about all USB hardwarelspci - Shows information about all PCI compatible hardwarecat /proc/cpuinfo - Shows detailed information about you
I just installed Ubuntu a couple of days ago. As far as I can tell the terminal is a huge part of any Linux distro. My question at this point is why? When I look up anything about it, the commands put in the terminal are all easily done through the G
How can I lock my desktop screen from the command line? You can lock the computer by running gnome-screensaver-command with the -l flag like so: gnome-screensaver-command -l However this will only work if you have Gnome Screensaver running for your s
Question:I want to copy a directory from one place to another folder. sudo cp is the command, but after that what should I type? The destination or source first? Solution:1The -a flag is probably what you are looking for: cp -a /path/from /path/to Th
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by Sam007 Last Updated March 13, 2017 11:02 AM I am trying to find a directory, using the terminal and I am not sure where it is. I mean that i used the wget command to obtain the file and used it for installation and now i am not able to find where
In addition, cd . . can take you back to the working directory's parent directory and then if necessary the command can be repeated until you get to where you want to be
my prompt is not wrapping properly and not moving onto the second line, instead overwriting the first line. There are some other funky behaviors too. Can someone who's got experience with PS1 profiles spot what's wrong here? once i do emacs
IntroductionThis guide will show you how to rename files using a file manager and the Linux command line. Most Linux distributions have a default file manager as part of the desktop environment. A desktop environment is a collection of tools which en