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In Windows I used command-line clipboard copy-and-paste utilities… These were UnixUtils ports for Windows (but they only handled plain text). There were a couple of other native Windows utils which could write/extracy any format. I’ve looked for some
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Chrome can be launched from Run window by running ‘chrome’ command. If you need to launch it from command prompt, we can run ‘start chrome’ Note that ‘chrome’ command works only from Run and it can’t be used from CLI. C:\>chrome 'chrome' is not re
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1) Please use [code][/code] tags around your code and data, to preserve formatting and to improve readability. 2) QUOTE ALL OF YOUR VARIABLE SUBSTITUTIONS. You should never leave the quotes off a variable expansion unless you explicitly want the resu
Answer #: 1 The simplest way is to run: sudo !! This will run the last command but as super user. Source. Answer #: 2 Answer: you enter sudo !! straight afterwards to repeat the previous command with escalated privileges
How to Check MD5 Hash on Linux ? December 2, 2010 MD5 is a message digest algorithm that takes a message of arbitrary length and produces a 128-bits digital signature of the message. It is most widely used for verifying the integrity of the file down
Dear nixCraft, I just want to know how to run Linux commands as another user or as root user? Sincerely,Confused About Linux commands. Dear Confused, You can use the following commands to run as another user or as root user. #1: runuser command The r
Linux command-line, the most adventurous and fascinating part of GNU/Linux is very cool and powerful tool. Command line itself is very productive and the availability of various inbuilt and third party command line application makes Linux robust and