Questions about: command-line

Almost any GUI application (on X window systems) can be opened from a terminal window within that GUI. To open any GUI app, type the name of the executable at the shell prompt. Most file browsers take a directory as a command line argument, so you sh
If it is an executable jar, then java -jar Minecraft. jar Not all jar-Archives contain an executable class, declared to be started in the Manifest file, but if there is, this will work. Btw
In Windows environment, CAB refers to Cabinet files – an archive file format for Microsoft Windows. The format supports data compression and embedded digital certificates used for maintaining archive integrity. Using this file format, a user can stor
This quick tip is going to show beginners how to add ‘open as administrator’ or ‘open as root’ into Nautilus context menu in Ubuntu 13. 10 Saucy. With this feature enabled, you can quickly open files and folders in Nautilus with root (super user) pri
I made a text file called contacts. txt which contains: pot 2000derek 45 snow 55 I want to get user input (a name) on which contact to remove, and delete the entire line containing that name. So far, this is what I've done: #
Hi Experts, I have the need for inter-operating questions to find a way to mount a USB (FAT FORMATED) LUKS encrypted volume (created under Mandriva Linux OS) on MAC OS X. Those LUKS encrypted volumes can easily be mounted on WINDOWS OS by FreeOTFE co
I am having trouble installing boost library completely it fails/skips several things that seem to be key for me to continue on to compiling a program with it. Here is what I get when I install boost, gcc. compile