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For Ubuntu or Debian (personally tested on Debian Wheezy - 64-bit build): From trogdor1138's comment at archlinux site, get the google-chrome rpm: wget ftp://fr2. rpmfind. net/linux/sourceforge/s/sn/snowbird/yum/sb20/google-chrome-stable-30
This is what I found working for me: You will need to access the "config editor" in Thunderbird itself. Open Thunderbird. In 24
For new users who are just starting out with Ubuntu and want to install Google Chrome browser, here’s the quickest way to do it. There are many ways to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu. Some prefer going directly to Google Chrome download page and get
Thanks for your helpful response, appreciate. I've done what you suggested, however: Opera is based on Chromium now. When trying to figure out how to do something in Opera, you can search for how to do it in Chromium or Chrome
May 21, 2011 I just install the latest beta chromium by executing these commands: Code: The problem is I still want the Stable version of Chromium, and I want the developer version of Chromium not the beta release. So I got 2 problems: I need to down
Chromium is the open-source project that forms the basis for Google Chrome. Because it’s completely open source, Chromium is available in many Linux distributions’ software repositories for easier installation. The Chromium web browser is also availa