Chat over lan from linux to linux?


This is quick guide on how to use netcat (nc) to chat between two PCs over LAN.

VM 1: CentOS 6.6

My CentOS machine did not have netcat (nc) preinstalled so I had to manually install it.

# yum install nc -y

VM 2: Kali Linux 2016.1 | IP: |

The Kali Linux 2016.1 had netcat tools were pre-installed so i didn’t have to install it. Here, we take any one of the 2 Pcs as the chat server and the other as the chat client.

Here, I am selecting the Kali Linux to listen for connections on a random port 12345. [Note: The port you select must be higher than the standard port 1024.]

In this case, I will make Kali as the chat server and set it to listen on port 12345.

# nc -lvp 12345

Now from the 2nd PC i.e. the CentOS machine, we will make a connection to the Kali machine on port 12345.

# nc 12345

Once connected, Kali’s terminal would show as message such as shown below:

Now, to start chatting...

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Thanks for the reply, I have also tried copying data to a data card on my phone but that is also very slow so it looks like it is not just the network that is bad as the phone is connected directly via USB (so firewall is not the issue either). Transfer rates get to about 2MiB/s but after about 5 seconds they drop to 500K and then to 0. After sitting at zero for a while they come back at about 500K for a few seconds and then it dies again.

I also did a copy to my phone via the command line (using Konsole) but it seemed to be having the same problem as it was also very slow.

However, when I do a copy operation from one hard drive to the other in the same machine the speed is fine (about 25MiB/s is I remember correctly).

The files I am copying can be of any size and number but the effect is the same. A single file of 100M, 1000 Files of 500K each etc.

Looking at 'top' I see the load is about:

and the plasma CPU monitor gets to 100% but top does not...

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I was looking for a over-the-LAN instant messaging app on Ubuntu to use at home. A port of good old ipmsg is available but the interface is too dated. After trying a few more options I found iptux. It has a polished interface, the chat window is modern and can be minimized to the system tray. It supports both chat and file transfers. A good way to communicate if you have several users on the same wifi. Available in Synaptic.

To show the iptux icon in the system tray I added it in the systray whitelist:

# gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['Pidgin', 'Dropbox', 'qbittorrent', 'iptux']"

To share files over LAN as well as the internet try BaShare.


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Why OMessenger?

Traditional instant messengers are not the best solution for communicating with co-workers in a large office building. Besides the fact that anyone from the outside can interrupt your work, there are also a few risks regarding security. An excellent alternative is OMessenger, which is designed specifically for office communications. The software provides the same functionality as other instant messengers, but it relays messages over a local network or VPN. The software offers real-time Textual Communication, Voice Communication and File between users of local network conveniently and quickly, and is designed for used in Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small to Medium Business (SMB), and Workgroup to Enterprise environments.

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Cristal Clear, Cross platform Voice...

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