Can I skip over releases when upgrading?


When I press Alt + Tab to switch between windows, the view messes up (not always, but very often). Sometimes it shows just noise where every pixel is another color, and sometimes it shows artifacts from other (closed) programs.

Here is a screenshot, the stuff in the upper half of the screen is from a game I had opened about an hour ago. I have two screens, this is the smaller one:

I think this problem started when I installed CompizConfig, I'm not sure.

• Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit
• Graphics Driver VESA: PARK
• ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5430

Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Other Tips. I wanted to format my USB Stick, but formatted my ext3 Partition. I formatted it with NTFS. How can I store it?

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release management - How do I upgrade to a newer version ...

- A guide upgrading tivo bolt, tivo premiere, tivo, While i have used this procedure numerous times without problems to upgrade all versions of tivo hardware you use these instructions at your own risk!. Upgrading cisco ucs release 2.1 release 2.2, Upgrading cisco ucs from release 2.1 to release 2.2 impact of upgrade to cisco ucs, release 2.1(2) and higher on initiator iqns defined at the service. 3 upgrading oracle database - oracle center, 3.1.2 upgrading an earlier release and plugging a pdb into a cdb. you can upgrade earlier releases of oracle database using either dbua or the parallel upgrade.

Personal computer : Wikis (The Full Wiki) | Read Sources

Upgrade - neo4j graph database, Neo4j 1.9 users may upgrade directly to this release, and are recommended to do so carefully. we strongly encourage verifying the syntax and validating all responses.Manual:upgrading - mediawiki, Mediawiki 1.24 changes the paths...

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Oracle provides a comprehensive set of tools for upgrading Oracle Database with minimal downtime and for migrating your applications to the new release.

3.1 Upgrade Strategies for Oracle Database

Starting with Oracle Database 12c, multitenant architecture enables an Oracle database to function as a multitenant container database (CDB) with pluggable databases. All Oracle Database releases earlier than Oracle Database 12c were non-CDB. See Oracle Database Concepts for an overview of multitenant architecture.

This release provides more strategies for upgrading. After upgrading an earlier release to Oracle Database 12c, you can plug the upgraded database into a CDB as described in "Upgrading an Earlier Release and Plugging a PDB into a CDB."

This section contains the following topics:

3.1.2 Upgrading an Earlier Release and Plugging a PDB into a CDB

You can upgrade earlier releases of Oracle Database using either DBUA or the Parallel...

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Starting with version 8.0.9, ownCloud will be automatically put into maintenance mode after downloading upgraded packages. You must take it out of maintenance mode and then run the upgrade wizard to complete the upgrade.

It is best to keep your ownCloud server upgraded regularly, and to install all point releases and major releases without skipping any of them, as skipping releases increases the risk of errors. Major releases are 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 9.0. Point releases are intermediate releases for each major release. For example, 8.0.9 and 8.1.3 are point releases. Skipping major releases is not supported.

There are multiple ways to keep your ownCloud server upgraded: with the Updater App (Community Edition only), with your Linux package manager, and by manually upgrading. In this chapter you will learn how to keep your ownCloud installation current with your Linux package manager, and by manually upgrading.

Enterprise customers will use their Enterprise...

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The pacman package manager is one of the major distinguishing features of Arch Linux. It combines a simple binary package format with an easy-to-use build system. The goal of pacman is to make it possible to easily manage packages, whether they are from the official repositories or the user's own builds.

pacman keeps the system up to date by synchronizing package lists with the master server. This server/client model also allows the user to download/install packages with a simple command, complete with all required dependencies.

pacman is written in the C programming language and uses the .pkg.tar.xz package format.



package contains other useful tools such as






, and


. Run

pacman -Qlq pacman | grep bin

to see the full list.


This article or section needs expansion.


pacman 5.0 added some new operations:





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A. Introduction

This tutorial explains how to upgrade to a newer release of Linux Mint.

B. General considerations

B1. Do you need to upgrade?

If things are working fine and you're happy with your current system, then you don't need to upgrade.

A new version of Linux Mint is released every 6 months. It usually comes with new features and improvements but there's nothing wrong with sticking with the release you already have. In fact, you could skip many releases and stick with the version that works for you.

Each release receives bug fixes and security updates for about 18 months (or 3 years in the case of "Long Term Support" releases such as Linux Mint 13). The development team is also focused on the latest release. If bug fixes and security updates are important to you, you should regularly upgrade to the latest releases, otherwise there's nothing wrong with keeping things as they are.

As a general rule... unless you...

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If my blog with

5 reasons to upgrade your ownCloud

was convincing, you might want to know how. To help people who want to upgrade ownCloud, I always publish a .org blog about upgrading the day after a major ownCloud release. Upgrading any complex piece of software can be hard and while we do what we can to simplify it (with

major work coming

in that area for 9.0 and onwards) it is never smart to 'just' upgrade without reading documentation and release notes. But there's one tip I want to share in particular: don't try to skip releases!

Upgrade Process

We got excellent documentation on upgrading -

read it

. I also strongly recommend to have a quick look at the release notes before upgrading to a major release. Find the

ownCloud 8.0 release notes here


8.1 here


8.2 here


What you MUST know:

Do not skip any major releases. We have added code, at some point, to make this impossible - don't try to work...
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Microsoft hasn’t given up on Windows 10 Mobile, YouTube launches unskippable ads, Microsoft releases Word Flow for iPhone, Amazon improves FreeTime Unlimited, and Apple extols the virtues of onions.

Windows 10 Mobile Is Still a Thing

Microsoft’s mobile ambitions appear to have waned of late. Windows 10 Mobile was nowhere to be seen at Build 2016, and Terry Myersen, Microsoft’s Vice President of Windows and Devices, has since made it clear smartphones aren’t the company’s focus for the time being.

However, in an internal email obtained by Windows Central, Myersen makes it clear that Microsoft is still committed to Windows 10 Mobile. The email, which was sent to various executives and partners, reads:

“I understand that you are hearing concerns from certain partners about Microsoft’s commitment to the mobile space. Let me be very clear: We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors.”

“We are...

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A powerful new tool has just been released for jailbreakers to “unjailbreak”. It’s called Cydia Impactor, and it’s an on-device tool that lets you remove and revert all changes made to a device to return it to its stock configuration.

The most notable thing about this tool is that it allows you to return to stock without needing to upgrade your device. Say, for example, you wanted to sell your iPhone, but wanted to retain its jailbreak-ability to increase resale value. Normally, if you wanted to perform a full system restore, you’d be forced to upgrade to the latest firmware, and thus lose your jailbreak. With Cydia Impacter, you can restore your device to stock without upgrading.

Cydia Impactor version 0.9.15 is currently in beta for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 only. Keep in mind that before running this tool you should backup your data first via iCloud or iTunes. Cydia Impactor will remove all data, as that is what it’s designed to do.

You’ll also...

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If your are not an audiophile and don't care much about audio/video quality, cheap chinese MP3/MP4 players are just for you, these devices are quite popular and just get the job done, since there is no quality control over these devices they do not last long, one of the most common problems faced with these portable players is the issue of firmware software corruption, I encountered a similar problem with my friends PMP which refused to start getting stuck at loading screen, the only solution was to flash the firmware but the problem was unavailability of any information and tools to get the job done, after long research and flashing the firmware I was able to successfully recover the MP4 player to working condition.

Here is an step-by-step tutorial on how to identify your MP4 player, download its firmware and flash it using appropriate tools :

WARNING : This procedure can render your device dead, so do not try if your player is working fine.

The most...
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Basic overview[edit]

File transfer[edit]

Choose a method for transferring files:


Read the UPGRADE text file included in MediaWiki.

Check the requirements Read the release notes Back up existing files and the database Unpack the new files Upgrade extensions Run the update script to check the database Test the update

Check requirements[edit]

MediaWiki 1.27 requires:

PHP 5.5.9+ One of the following: MySQL 5.0.2+ (or equivalent MariaDB) PostgreSQL 8.3+ SQLite 3.3.7+ Oracle 9.0.1+

If you are using PostgreSQL, please also read Manual:Upgrading PostgresManual:Upgrading Postgres.

For more information, please read the Manual:Installation requirementsManual:Installation requirements and CompatibilityCompatibility.

Read the release notes[edit]

Within the distribution tarball, or within the files checked out/exported from Git, there are a number of files with capitalized...

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While the Nexus 6P has been available for a while now, there are no doubt a number of Nexus 6 owners that have yet to make the jump over to the 6P, but are at least semi-seriously considering the matter. We’ve already brought you a Nexus 6 vs Nexus 6P video comparison in the past, but now that I’ve personally upgraded to the Nexus 6P from the Nexus 6, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts, since it is coming from someone who actually has used the Nexus 6 as a daily driver.

I will be totally honest with you, if you are thinking about upgrading to get an improved day-to-day experience, you might end up disappointed. While certain aspects, like photography, are dramatically improved, day-to-day tasks, like opening apps and playing games, largely feel the same to me. Sure, the Nexus 6P is in all likelihood performing better in reality, but I can’t tell under normal circumstances. The Nexus 6 was already smooth as butter.

I could go down through the list of...

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You know how you like to work, and SketchUp enables you to customize the overall workspace to reflect that.

In this article, find out what workspace preference options you have and how those options work. Also, check out the tips and tricks for customizing your toolbars and tidying up dialog boxes that you like to keep open. You’re almost certain to find a few ways to draw more efficiently in SketchUp.

Running SketchUp on multiple displays

For most people who have a multiple-display system, it’s hard to imagine ever working on a single monitor again. If that describes you, the good news is that you might be able to run SketchUp on a multiple-display system. The not-so-good news is that SketchUp doesn’t officially support multiple-display systems, so if you encounter issues running SketchUp on multiple monitors, Trimble doesn’t provide support for those issues.

Setting preferences to customize your workspace

In SketchUp, preferences options...

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What is Wubi?

Wubi is an officially supported installer for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users that allows Ubuntu to be installed and uninstalled in a safe, easy way as with any other Windows application.

What about Windows 8?

At this time, Wubi does not work with Windows 8 default boot-loader. Thus at this point Wubi would not work on a new Windows 8 machine. You would be able to install, but not reboot into Ubuntu.

If you upgraded to Windows 8 and are using BIOS firmware, Wubi does work, but do not enable hybrid-sleep on Windows 8.

How to use this guide

Please note that this guide is only for issues directly related to the Wubi installer; for general Ubuntu questions please use appropriate resources such as the official Ubuntu documentation, the Ubuntu Forums, or the Ubuntu Guide.

You might also be interested in the Ubuntu Forums Installations & Upgrades section.



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Fedora 23 is now hitting the streets and is officially released. You’ll likely want to upgrade your system. If you’ve upgraded from past Fedora releases, you’re likely familiar with the fedup tool. However, Fedora 23 features a new release method using some of the perks provided by the dnf package manager introduced in Fedora 22. To upgrade to Fedora 23, you will use the DNF system upgrade plugin. Using this plugin will make your upgrade to Fedora 23 simple and easy.

Before you do anything, you will want to make sure you have the latest packages for Fedora 22 before beginning the upgrade process. Additionally, make sure you back up your system before proceeding. One popular tool available in Fedora for this purpose is deja-dup. To upgrade your system, use the Software application or enter the following command in a terminal:

sudo dnf upgrade

Next, open a terminal and type the following command to install the plugin:

sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade...
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