Boot Error - ACPI PCC Probe Failed


ACPI PCC Probe Failed is the error that pops up instead of the default GRUB loader after I updated my kernel to 3.19.

I searched around and couldn't find much information except that it is a known error and it is registered in's launchpad My question is, is anyone else facing it?, what are the impacts of this? And if only an update in the future can fix it, any suggestions or safety tips till then?

Apparently it is a harmless message related to a 'PCC' driver:

So it looks like you build the PCC mailbox driver which is new in 3.19-rc and that driver fails to load, because it doesn't find hardware to work with.

The message is harmless, but it also is not useful. The driver in question seems to be overly verbose to me in general.

That is what I gleaned from this conversation.

ACPI PPC probe failed. is related to a new ACPI interface PCC (Platform Communication Channel), which is...

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Same issue here on an asus P8H67 and asus gforce 550 vid card.

One hard drive partitioned as :

Windows 7 'c' ntfs
data 'd' ntfs
250gb free space

Boot to mint 17.3 live usb and I get acpi pcc probe failed but it will continue to load the live enviroment. Then when i try to install mint into the free space the install fails ( hangs dead ) so far I have tried this three times and each time the install hangs, first time was formatting the free space, hard reboot after half an hour wait, second time it hung while fetching files and third time I tried a different usb stick and different usb port on the target pc and booted to mint compatability mode, it again showed acpi pcc probe failed but loaded to the live enviroment but an attempt at install failed ( hung ) at copying files.

Despite these fails I dont get as far as loading the bootloader or grub so can boot into windows.

I am not too keen on trying a different distro as mint is my choice,...

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ACPI PCC Probe Failed is the error that pops up instead of the default GRUB loader after I updated my kernel to 3.19. I searched around and couldn't find much ...

I am seeing ACPI error ... Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND Oct 23 19:44:52 dhcp33 kernel: ACPI Error (psparse-0537): Method parse/execution failed ...

I've recently updated to Ubuntu 15.04 and after installing the latest nvidia drivers (346.59) which worked on ubuntu 14.10 seems to have caused some trouble on boot.

Jul 28, 2015 · Hi, I upgraded Kubuntu 14.10 to 15.04. Immediately upon boot I get the message, "1.187108 ACPI -pcc probe failed." The boot continues, but then stops. If I …

When I startup linux mint. I will get an error message "ACPI PCC Probe failed? What is...

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Last Updated June 27, 2015 13:01 PM

Hello i recently noticed the following error at System-boot and was basically stuck at the Emergency-Mode.

I even reinstalled Ubuntu 15.04 right after this error, but without deleting the other System (Win7) which was on the same Harddrive on it`s own partition. And still the error persisted on the first boot-up right after the reinstallation-process was sucessfully done.

Regarding Partitioning it was as following:


sda -- (Grub Boatloader?)

sda1 -- 100MB-Bootpartion created by Win7x64 sda2 -- Windows "root" sda3 -- Windows "home/secondary partition" sda4 -- ubuntux64 root sda5 -- ubuntu /home sda6 -- swap same size as ram

Things i tried to fix it:

Going to recovery-mode and purging anything "nvidia" Setting "nomodeset" in the grub-boot-parameters sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f reinstalling Ubuntu without deleting "/home" partition but formatting the "/"-partition in the...
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Click here follow the steps to fix Apci Error Ubuntu and related errors.

Apci Error Ubuntu may be caused by a number of different reasons.

If you have Apci Error Ubuntu then we strongly recommend that you Download (Apci Error Ubuntu) Repair Tool.

This article contains information that shows you how to fix Apci Error Ubuntu both (manually) and (automatically) , In addition, this article will help you troubleshoot some common error messages related to Apci Error Ubuntu that you may receive.

Note: This article was updated on 2018-01-25 and previously published under WIKI_Q210794

What are Windows errors?

A Windows error is an error that happens when an unexpected condition occurs or when a desired operation has failed. When you have an error in Windows -- whether it's Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista -- it may be critical and cause your programs to freeze and crash or it may be seemingly harmless yet annoying. Left unchecked, your...

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The previous two questions regarding the ACPI error message do not have answers that fix my problem with the same error. I have just upgraded to 15.04 and cannot log in after a normal boot. The login screen shows briefly then reverts to a text only screen and alternates between the two screens on about a 1/2 second cadence. The laptop includes a nvidia graphics card. I am guessing that 219 is referring to an older version of the graphics controller but I could be mistaken.

I can only boot to recovery mode and use the system prompt from that mode. The syslog file did not reveal anything that I could recognize as useful.

What other log files might be informative?

How can I disable the nvidia driver so I can troubleshoot in normal operation?


Since my original post I have started ubuntu with the default video driver and purged nvidia drivers and installed nvidia-current-updates. Now when booting I still see...

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