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Before reading: The answer below is meant for Ubuntu users who have just updated/recovered/reinstalled/installed OS X. It's likely that the answer will work if this isn't the case (for example, if there are any inconsistencies in your partition table
Reason for the Error :Generally the iso image that are intended to be burned and booted from CD/DVD has all the files required for Boot in the “ISOLINUX” folder. Whereas the iso images that are intended to be run from USB has all the files required f
Windows 10 upgrade lead into grub rescueBy | July 29, 2015 | Category Uncategorized By LChaos2 I was dual-booting Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu on my desktop, and today is the day they gave out free Windows 10 upgrades
Boot Drops To A Initramfs Prompts Busybox Ask Ubuntu If you are dropped into initramfs, it means that the boot flow stop at the stage of mounting your root filesystem, which is usually in somewhere of your hard disk. Description: Ubuntu boots to a bl
I posted an answer to an older thread of similar topic with answers from various sources. Following is a copy of that answer adapted for this thread. Following works: $ (gui_app &> /dev/null &) This is Nathan Fellman's answer plus redirect
When booting to the graphical desktop fails we sometimes are recommended to boot into a "root shell" or to boot in "recovery mode". How do I do that? for 12. 04
Fast boot in Windows 8 is a way to boot the system faster because the needed data to boot (Drivers, User session, etc. . ) are stored in a hibernation file (hiberfile) and are loaded when the boot process begins, saving the user between 40% and more
Your boot is very slow compared to mine. About 15 seconds booting First of all , did you installed your Vertex after windows setup or did you also took a new windows install ? If you installed windows on your vertex without using Vista SP1 or Windows
TL;DR reconfigure or reinstall GRUB (assuming you have several OSes installed, like Ubuntu and Windows) When you power up your computer, one of the first things to start is the boot loader. It’s a relatively small piece of software that boots/loads (