Basic Web Development IDE/Editor like Dreamweaver? [duplicate]


Sublime Text has been around for a while. In a nutshell it is a pure text editor that has comparable features to TextMate, but it has a much more fluid modern GUI and is incredibly extensible which can enhance it past just a text editor.

As standard

Out of the box, you get an excellent productivity tool for editing text files, with helpful functionality to make text editing a dream. Syntax highlighting is supported for all popular languages, and the less-so-popular-but-still-awesome languages are available via...


Sublime has an ever-growing package ecosystem, that uses Python to script the editor, making it possible to transform Sublime into a full-featured IDE rather than just a standard text editor.

The beauty behind the way Sublime does this is that you start off with a simple text editor and only add what you need, rather than the approach of other IDEs where you start off with everything and it is really slow and confusing to...

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I've used Windows for many years, using Dreamweaver as my editor as it had a file tree which is based on a project (via Local, FTP or SFTP).

I need a web development IDE with the following functionality:

syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

file tree - Local, FTP, SFTP, Project-Based (e.g. via the methods of Local/FTP/SFTP) in other words, like Dreamweaver

can open multiple files (tabbed)

Additionally, I wouldn't mind features like debugging, class listings, etc, as long as I can hide them away.


Even when I added the accepted answer at the question mentioned by @fossfreedom, more precisely at Dreamweaver alternative in ubuntu?, in the comments of your question. I must accept that I didn't notice before the existence of Aptana Studio.

I include here a few screenshots for you, covering some of the...

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CTRL+D in Notepad++ just means "Duplicate current line".

I don't believe there's an equivalent in DW.

Perhaps use Autohotkey (or alike) to create a macro that moves to the start of the line, then selects to the end of the line, then inserts a blank line below, and then inserts your copied line:

Then bind that to CTRL+D (or whatever).

^d:: SendInput {Shift Down}{Up}{Shift Up}{Ctrl Down}c{Ctrl Up}{Ctrl Down}v{Ctrl Up}{Ctrl Down}v{Ctrl Up} return

Also, you probably can create a macro like this directly in DW using its "Commands" to do the automation.

If you get stuck writing your macro/script, come back with any questions relating to that and create a new question here (but please don't come back expecting us to write it for you ;)...

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The Code Navigator displays a list of code sources related to a particular selection on your page. Use it to navigate to related code sources, such as internal and external CSS rules, server-side includes, external JavaScript files, parent template files, library files, and iframe source files. When you click a link in the Code Navigator, Dreamweaver opens the file containing the relevant piece of code. The file appears in the related files area, if it is enabled. If you don’t have related files enabled, Dreamweaver opens the selected file as a separate document in the Document window.

If you click a CSS rule in the Code Navigator, Dreamweaver takes you directly to that rule. If the rule is internal to the file, Dreamweaver displays the rule in Split view. If the rule is in an external CSS file, Dreamweaver opens the file and displays the rule in the related files area above the main document.

You can access the Code Navigator from Design, Code, and Split views, and...

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What IDEs are available for Ubuntu? [closed] 23 answers

Even when I added the accepted answer at the question mentioned by @fossfreedom, more precisely at Dreamweaver alternative in ubuntu?, in the comments of your question. I must accept that I didn't notice before the existence of Aptana Studio.

I include here a few screenshots for you, covering some of the points of your interest.

File tree illustrated in these screenshots and this examples:

illustrated in the above screenshots.

I have noticed that there is support for FTP/SFTP file browsing/management but these are features that I don't use so I can't provide further details but I am sure you will find it in the Aptana Studio site.

In my experience, I stopped using all these tools that I formerly used in order to start enjoying this excellent...

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I am currently using/

Git Source Control Provider - This added a GIT dropdown (got with Git Extensions) Visual Studio Tools for Git

Indent Guides (Which I don't think I like)

Microsoft Web Developer Tools

Productivity Power Tools 2012 Turn off Fix Mixed Tabs.

RockMargin - This is my favorite. Similar to your scrollbar. I will be checking out yours, as I think yours is a little better/more features. Mine just highlights current highlighted/copied text.

Visual Studio Achievements for VS 2012 -- badges for odd things.

Visual Stuido Extensions for Window s Library for Javascript

Web Essentials 2012 - helps with some javascript / less.js / css -- very nice add on

DevColor - underlines colors in stylesheets and contains a color picker

Thanks. I just downloaded resharper and am going to check it out. NuGet rocks. Thanks for...

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Possible Duplicate:
Basic Web Development IDE/Editor like Dreamweaver?

I know Windows has some create programs to make websites attractive websites without coding. Can anyone recommend to me some programs that run on Linux where I can create my own websites with a fair amount of flexibility in design?


Well, firstly I would whole-heartedly recommend you to either learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript or install one of the million of Content Management Systems (CMS) available, most of which would allow you to install themes or somehow else customize their look. You would even be able to build a custom theme though it would most likely require learning something about the above mentioned technologies.

Building websites in FrontPage-like programs is sooo like year 1998 :)

Secondly, there are some WYSIWYG HTML editors available, for example


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I'm new to this Ubuntu 13.04, and I'm a web designer and developer I used Dreamweaver when I am using windows so can any one help me which of the text editor is best to use which helps me in designing (HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript) and developing (PHP, MySql) and which is same like adobe Dreamweaver and can you also help me how to install it in my Ubuntu 13.04 64bit.


I'm also Web-Developer. In my opinion, Dreamweaver is an expensive and unnecessary ballony for a developer who works in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, php/mysql, java and so on.

I use NETBEANS for developement. It's the real dream. It runs to my knowledge on all linux distributions.

For art design and photography I use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Gimp 2.8, RAWThereapie, Phatch, scribus.... Only OpenSource! It's more than enough for development, publishing and design.



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