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1) Please use [code][/code] tags around your code and data, to preserve formatting and to improve readability. 2) QUOTE ALL OF YOUR VARIABLE SUBSTITUTIONS. You should never leave the quotes off a variable expansion unless you explicitly want the resu
export PS1='\u@\h: ' That results in oli@bert: for my prompt. If you really want something as minimalist as you ask for, try this: export PS1='> ' You can attach that to the end of your ~/. bashrc file to have it persist between logins
Dear nixCraft, I just want to know how to run Linux commands as another user or as root user? Sincerely,Confused About Linux commands. Dear Confused, You can use the following commands to run as another user or as root user. #1: runuser command The r
I’ve downloaded software for Linux or Unix-like system from the Internet. There is a file called install. sh
Shell is just another word for the UI of an operating system. Strictly speaking, a GUI is as much of a shell as a command-line interface is, but we tend to mainly use the term for the latter. Bash (Bourne Again SHell) is a particular implementation o
Asked by Chetan Joshi Q. What is the best way to find out what shell I’m using. echo $SHELL is not so reliable
Linux System is much secured than any of its counterpart. One of the way to implement security in Linux is the user management policy and user permission. normal users are not authorized to perform any system operations
If you’ve familiar with any Linux distribution, more than likely you have used the command line or even written shell programs. Unix-like system users often have to use /bin/sh and /bin/bash. But, do you know the difference between them? In this arti
Answer #: 1 The type builtin is useful for this. It will not only tell you about aliases, but also functions, builtins, keywords and external commands. $ type ls ls is aliased to `ls --color=auto' $ type rm rm is /bin/rm $ type cd cd is a shell built