Are there any alternatives to Nautilus?


No one has yet mentioned the excellent qtfm, which, for a lightweight filemanager has some very useful features. It is based on 'pure QT' and does not bring with it a huge amount of dependencies like other filemanagers might. It can be installed with the Ubuntu deb or compiled from source. Please see the readme for further general information about the filemanager and how to compile it.

As noted on the official site, it has such features as

full theme and mime filetype icon integration tree, bookmarks, list, icon, detail and thumbnail views customizable interface, rearrange views and toolbars to suit customizable key bindings for built-in and custom actions

Importantly, you can also configure custom actions by going to edit > custom actions and edit or add some new ones, very much in the manner of Thunar's custom actions. In the second screenshot below, the default custom actions are listed and is quite easy to follow the model and add your own...

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Are there any good alternatives to Nautilus? I'm looking for something lightweight, with a cleaner interface, but the ability to manually enter file paths is still important. Any suggestions?

Thunar File Manager is the Xfce file manager. It is quite clean and should provide the functionality you are looking for.

Other than that I only know PCMan File Manager which should be quite similar to Thunar.

Octavian Damiean
March 01, 2011 12:32 PM

PCMan File Manager. It is more responsive than thunar and nautilus. The interface has more real estate.

Vivek Sharma
March 01, 2011 13:04 PM

Thunar and PCMan File Manager are already given.

Some links with lists other file managers:

March 01, 2011 13:36 PM

I'll add Konqueror to the list. It's like an all in one software. Clean interface which can be used as a file manager as well as a web browser.

An interesting application, I must say.


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was so sluggish that I couldn't stand that any more. I really don't know why this is happening - I've tried searching on Google but no results:(. My CPU usage and disk are getting crazy, when opening directory where is many sub and sub-sub directories especially on USB hard drive. Something is wrong -

probably sluggish Nautilus is not due to thumbnails


Alternatives to Nautilus

Xfe X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer or Commander like file manager for X. It is based on the popular, but discontinued X Win Commander. In my opinion it's not so nice to use it - looks like software written in mid 90 :( Thunar This file manager is a component of the XFCE desktop, which is not on the same level as GNOME and KDE but file manager is quite nice.

Pros are: small size, responsiveness, lots of plugins and familiarity for new users.
Cons are: no desktop icons support, bugs in resizing of icons (especially navigation bar), icons are too...

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Cant able to open directories using Nautilus

I cant open any directories in any location using Nautilus command..... When i do, the following error appears....

(nautilus:14472): EggSMClient-WARNING **: Failed to connect to the session manager: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported (nautilus:14472): Eel-WARNING **: GConf error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See for information. (Details - 1: Failed to get connection to session: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.)

Is there any alternate commands to open directory from...

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Thanks Malcolm.
Could not get this to send via nntp

On 3/21/2013 2:02 PM, malcolmlewis wrote:> [QUOTE]
> On Thu 21 Mar 2013 04:21:51 PM CDT, chrisf wrote:
> What is wrong with the new version.
> 1) Fills whole screen.
> To get it back to normal size, grab and move, eg alt+mouse pointer,
> click-> move
I can't get this to work under VMware. I'll try later on real hardware.

> 2) Can't open 2 windows side by side or over/under.
> Not sure, I thought it would snap..never tried. There maybe an
> extension about to fix that...
I will have a look. I'm not happy about having to use extensions to replace lost functionality.

> 3) Does not seem to support scripts anymore.
> Sounds like a missing plugin?
I read somewhere the other day that scripts were no longer supported.
I'll try to find the reference.

> 4) Can't get a tree view on the left side.
> Yup, guess it...

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Talk about a controversial topic, file managers can get people fighting and arguing almost as much as discussing why VIM is so much better than EMACS. The default file managers that ship with GNOME (Nautilus) and KDE (Konqueror) are very usable, helpful and configurable, I use them both all the time, but it’s never enough to just use the defaults, or you wouldn’t be reading this post… Also, if you like your Norton Commander-style layout or pine for the days of Xtree Gold, then the last half of this article is just for you.

Nautilus Alternatives

First off, let’s talk about direct replacements for GNOME’s Nautilus, which you probably either use and don’t care much about, or don’t use and think was designed to drive you crazy. Either way, there are some great alternatives to Nautilus:

Thunar – Named after the Norse God Thor, this file manager is a component of the XFCE desktop, which is not quite on the same level as GNOME and KDE, but is gaining in...
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Just installed Xubuntu 16.04. I installed Nautilus, which is 3.14.3. I want to set it to default to list view, not icon view (to save clicking the list button every single time).

If you're running GNOME 3, this is easy! You click on the "application button" at top-left, e.g. … -app10.png

If you're running Xubuntu 16.04, this button doesn't exist ...

Is there any way to get Nautilus preferences up? Is there any way to alter Nautilus settings in a way that sticks? Even by editing a config file. (I see directory ~/.config/nautilus/ but have no idea what to put into it.)

Last edited by David Gerard (2016-04-30...

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Regardless which OS you are using, the file manager is one of the most important app that you have to use everyday. Without a file manager, you won’t be able to find and open files, or even move them to another location. In Linux, there are plenty of file manager applications that you can use. Nautilus for Gnome, Thunar for XFCE, Dolphin for KDE and PCman for those who prefer something light. Marlin is a new GTK3-based file manager for Linux, and it looks pretty slick and fast.

On Ubuntu, you can install via the following PPA:

You might also want to install the Marlin plugins for Dropbox and UbuntuOne

Once installed, you can right click on any folder and select “Open with Marlin File Manager”.

The first impression of opening Marlin is that: it is fast. Usually when I open Nautilus, it will take about 3 -5 seconds, even on a high-end PC, to open. On the other hand, Marlin opens up instantly. To me, the speed difference is noticeable and...

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PCMan File Manager (or PCManFM) is a lightweight alternative to GNOME’s Nautilus file manager or Konqueror/Dolphin in KDE. I found it to be an excellent option for more sophisticated GNOME users, as well as those with slower computers.

PCManFM’s main features are tabbed browsing similar to a web browser’s (which Nautilus will be getting soon), a clean interface, and high speed.

PCManFM’s interface looks similar to Nautilus, but more compact with smaller toolbars and icons:

PCManFM integrates well into GNOME, my file templates (File->Create New->) are used as well as my bookmarked locations. However, it doesn’t use GNOME’s virtual filesystem, which means no ssh:// or smb:// addresses for browsing the network. Also, one would expect the tabs to be re-orderable like in Firefox, but they are not.

My two favorite features in PCManFM are Tool->Open Terminal and Tool->Open Current Folder as Root, these tools could save a lot of clicks and typing. The...

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When I compress files, I expect two basic options. None of which are present in Nautilus's "compress..." context menu action, and instead there is only option to set password. So thought to ask for some solution if someone has already solved this nicely.

Most important to me:

1 - compression level

Because often I just want to store files fast. And I don't want to compress hard (default option) files that are already compressed (audio, video, pdf, exe etc), saving both time/speed and efficiency, and yet future efficiency when unpacking ;)

Another thing with which I can live without, but prefer it present:

2 - compression algorithm

Simply I choose different algorithm for text and binary files

I usually use 7z or rar, but also gzip


I couldn't imagine this would be such problem. I found only xarchiver in repository, but it's also optionless as file-roller simpleton. Then I searched for file-roller alternatives which...

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I know the feeling, the CTRL Death Grip :-) Do it enough and you get used to when things come undone. What kinds of things deselect, how to make the moves.

Of course SHIFT can be used. select the first Hold the shift, then select the last item, for selecting the whole row of something, then using CTRL to deselect the last few.

Inverse selection, select everything You do NOT want With CTRL, then use EDIT Inverse selection (normal menu).

Using Search instead, When fighting to select certian items, sometimes using search to find those items can be much faster than selecting. then the CTRL A can be used to select all of them. Searches can also be sorted, so a Shift select goes much faster. Learning a few wildcards then comes in handy. like *(everyting and nothing) and ?(one joker) EX: D*.mp3 all mp3s that start with D.

There is stickey keying (locking qualifyers) but that doesnt change the user making the minor errors and deselecting the bunch after having...

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Hello all,

We have been discussing our plans with the desktop part of Nautilus for quite a bit of time and in this blog post I’ll explain them.

Nautilus had have a feature called “the desktop” which adds icons on the background of the user workspace, similar to Windows.

The desktop was disabled for the default experience when GNOME 3 came out now 6 years ago, and so far has been mostly unmaintained. I spent around 3 months of work two years ago to try to save it somehow and did a rearchitectural work to try to separate the desktop from the Nautilus app so it won’t affect Nautilus development, and while it achieved some degree of separation, it didn’t achieve its main purpose and unfortunately brought even more problems than we had before. Now it has got to a point where the desktop is blocking us deeply in basically every major front we have set for future releases.

Also we notice that users rightfully have expectations for the desktop to work decently,...

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If you are following closely the news of various tech websites, one of the latest hot topic in the community was about Nautilus removing desktop icons. Let’s try to clarify some points to ensure the various discussions around it have enough background information and not reacting on emotions only as it could be seen lately. You will have both downstream (mine) and upstream (Carlos) perspectives here.

Why upstream Nautilus developers are removing the desktop icons

First, I wasn’t personally really surprised by the announce. Let’s be clear: GNOME, since its 3.0 release, doesn’t have any icons on the desktop by default. There was an option in Tweaks to turn it back on, but let’s be honest: this wasn’t really supported.

The proof is that this code was never really maintained for 7 years and didn’t transition to newer view technologies like the ones Nautilus is migrating to. Having patched myself this code many years ago for Unity (moving desktop icons to...

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Nautilus is the default file browser in Ubuntu and Nautilus Elementary is a patched version of Nautilus with an emphasis for simplicity. The whole idea originated during the 100 paper cuts for Ubuntu Karmic and it was stated that the menu and columns are too big and take away precious real estate. But the idea never took off and in its place came Nautilus Elementary. Also read:

Nautilus Elementary in Ubuntu Maverick, A Quick Review


What are the new stuff Nautilus Elementary brings to the table?
A much simplified and good looking nautilus which can give KDE's Dolphin file browser a good run for its money. Integrates well with almost all kinds of themes. Breadcrumbs are awesome.
Combined mode button is super easy to use. Increase/decrease size of contents easily. Vertical and horizontal toolbar. How to Install Nautilus Elementary in Ubuntu Lucid, Karmic?
If you are using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, read this instead - Nautilus Elementary in...
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This is an e-mail question I got the other day from one of my online followers. It’s a very common question that I get on a regular basis so I decided to post this one for the benefit of all my readers…



I have a question about squats. Are dumbbell squats as affective as straight bar squats for increasing strength/size in the legs?

I have done the straight bar but prefer the dumbbell squats because they seem easier on my back. But it seems like it is more difficult. I start off with 55lb dumbbells to warm up and then I use 75lb dumbbells in each hand.

Thank You,



Hi Roger,

Of all the exercises out there I think I get more e-mails asking for variations to squatting than anything else. People will complain that squats hurt their knees, hurt their back, hurt their shoulders, or that they are just plain scared of doing...

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Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR), which literally means many aching muscles, is an inflammatory disorder of the muscles and joints characterized by pain and stiffness, affecting both sides of the body, and involving the shoulders, arms, neck, and buttock areas. Patients with polymyalgia rheumatica are typically over the age of 50 years and it affects almost half a million people in the UK, with women being more likely to be affected than men.

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You could also have other symptoms, such as lethargy, depression, weight loss and fever. The disease often goes away without treatment after a year...

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Bitcoin ATMs appeared first in 2013 and since then increased their presence in many countries around the world. At the moment there are 341 bitcoin ATM installed according to our bitcoin machines map.

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FOXBOX is a provider for terminals...

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I'm wondering about the success of the MIC Injections for any of you out there? I just had my 4th weekly injection and am also on a 1200 calorie a day diet. I have lost 4 lbs at the end of my 3rd week. What I am noticing is that I am losing inches around my tummy (hips). These shots are pretty expensive $250 for 5, but I get the weekly visit with my nurse practioner along with a weigh in and support from her & her staff so, I guess that isn't too bad :). I haven't experienced too much in the way of more energy and hopefully that will come. I'd love to hear from anyone that was on this program for any length of time and your experience with it. Thank you.

Ouch! $250 for 5 injections? Wow. I've been paying $12.50 per shot. I have a friend who gets these for $14 each at her doctor's office. I hope that you get a lot of advice!!!

Wow Judy! That's expensive - I am reading the ingredients of the 30ml vial I bought for $100 (total of 15...

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