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Problem: Just tried my 1st sudo do-release-upgrade -d to upgrade from Ubuntu Gnome 14. 04-1 to 14. 10 but getting an error message that confuses me
So I want to build a custom configuration of DWM from source, and to my understanding, I need the build-essential program installed to accomplish that. I know build-essential (powerpc) is in the repos, I checked. However, I am having problems install
It’s been a long time since I had connected my Ubuntu notebook to Internet. As a result when I connected it to internet after two weeks of gap, as all of us know that Ubuntu is quite fond of providing updates on a regular basis, I was expecting loads
Answer #: 1 Use the command: apt-cache policy This gives you information of all available package versions. Example: alaa@aa-lu:~$ apt-cache policy vlc vlc: Installed: 2. 0
I’m experimenting with VPNs, so I wanted to install pptpd. john@desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install pptpd [sudo] password for john: The following extra packages will be installed: bcrelay The following NEW packages will be installed: bcrelay pptpd 0 upgr
Update vs Upgrade Updates in computer hardware and software are patches of code that are released in order to address certain issues or to activate specific functionalities. The need to release an update stems from the fact that there are certain pro
Problem I was getting the following error when updating ubuntu 14. 04 on Linux Mint 17. 02: Solution First I had to remove the duplicate Google Source Entry by going to Software Sources -> Additional repositories: Then From there check that the 2
[ http://askubuntu. com/questions/1743/is-aptitude-still-considered-superior-to-apt-get ] When I first started with Ubuntu using aptitude was the 'in-thing', with some stated improvements over apt-get. Am I correct in saying that apt-get has now 'cau
Answer #: 1 skip to the bottom of this answer for a scripted way to remove offending software-sources The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the serv
keyboard: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration system language: # Debian --> https://wiki. debian. org/ChangeLanguage dpkg-reconfigure locales # Ubuntu --> https://help