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lynx can call dpkg (or the Software Center, if a display is available) and offer to install a downloaded package for you. For example, using: lynx http://archive. ubuntu
Apt Remove package management - Should I use "apt-get remove" or "apt-get . .
I am new to Ubuntu and some little thing start to bug me. Such as when trying to install a program, Ubuntu asks, Do you want to continue[Y/n]? What is bugging me is why the letter "Y" is upper case and "n" is lower case. Do they have any significant
When you try to install a package using apt-get, APT searches it’s own database for the package name, if the package is available in the database, then it looks for the repository from where to download the package. It then download the package from
You can even consider using vagrant (or similar technology) to assist in using both versions at the same time. Vagrant is essentially a VM client designed to help spin VM's up and down quickly and easily with project based configuration; i. e
wxWidgetswxWidgets is an application development framework/library that allows developer to make cross platform GUI applications for Windows, Mac and Linux using the same codebase. Its primarily written in C++ but has bindings for other languages as
As far as I can tell, at least in a docker container, one can definitively apt-get python 3. First I ran into a ubuntu container with container: docker run -it --rm ubuntu:latest bash then for some reason it needed to update some ubuntu stuff so I di
This message is displaying because the gpg key for that repository is missing in your apt-key database. To import the key, open a terminal and enter these commands gpg --keyserver keyserver. ubuntu
I'm having some problems trying to run my Windows XP virtual machine after upgrading to Ubuntu 14. 04 today. When I tried to start it a message dialog was displayed saying that the kernel drivers aren't installed, in concrete they should be provided
In the case where tried to install a file: sudo apt-get install libstdc++. so. 6 instead of a package