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The /etc/default/grub file is generated at package install time, which is necessary because it integrates with debconf. This means that it can not treated as a dpkg conf file, and so dpkg's configuration file handling doesn't know about it. Instead,
by fogcityben Last Updated July 15, 2017 01:02 AM I read about a security flaw in Git, which was fixed in version 2. 2. 1
This question already has an answer here: While running the update at Ubuntu 14. 04 LTS (Trusty Tahr). The following error is being encountered: W: Failed to fetch http://us
In short: apt-get install does everything that is needed that your system can successfully execute the new installed software application. Longer: Preliminaries: From the manpage: All packages required by the package(s) specified for installation wil
I have a Ubuntu 11. 10 server that I just installed fresh. Now if I try to do anything with apt-get, it tries to connect to archive
I am using Ubuntu 13. 04 which I installed few days back. I am trying to install nodejs and npm
As to answer why , refer to the file /etc/apt/apt. conf. d/01autoremove-kernels As you can see, apt is told to never autoremove the kernels , as told by another (script) file, /etc/kernel/postinst
Just set up a simple but signed repository on a webserver. Because most other tutorials are somewhat dated or cumbersome, I'll try to replicate the procedure here. The initial configuration takes a bit of effort, but the simple build script keeps it
Open a terminal using CTRL+Alt+T and execute the below command to remove line 6, which is not correct form of repository source line, thus apt giving you an error about malformed line. WARNING: Don't execute this command without reading the question
I doubt you will want to install those libraries. Seen as it's nothing more than a nuisance you can simply silence the message. Create a new config file in /etc/rsyslog