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Graphical applications often store settings and other user-specific data in configuration files written inside the user's home folder. The main mechanism applications use to determine what they should use as the user's home folder is the HOME environ
“Directory not Empty” when `mv` is executed on Ubuntu 14. 04location: linuxexchange. com - date: January 1, 1970I had tried to deploy my personal blog website on my remote server recently
I am trying to boot Ubuntu 13. 04 in VirtualBox, but every time I boot, I get an error that says: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr This happens right after I start the virtual machine, and the operating system
I messed up my system earlier, I was greeted with a black screen, when booting in to Ubuntu. When I started up my laptop, I selected the recovery option from the grub menu, and chose fallback at root terminal. I saw that I was able to use the add use
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Install the Dropbox apps on your computers, phones, and tablets to access your files no matter where you are. If you edit a document on your computer, it syncs with Dropbox and you can access the new version from your phone. To let Dropbox sync, make
I marked some text from firefox and tried to paste it into a terminal and it didn't work. I had guest additions installed, and also enabled bidirectional copy and paste and it still didn't work, but now I found the reason. Apparently when I marked th
Yes, the origin of TTY in Unix is from teletypewriter. The tele in telephone, teletypewriter, etc comes from a Greek root meaning far or distant. tele + phon (sound) = Speaking at a distance and so on
How to create a menu in a bash shell scriptThis post will be about How to create a menu in a bash shell script . This feature is important because it gives whoever is running the script the ability the ability to choose certain options based on a pre
When installing Debian or Ubuntu, the locales may not be completely set. During the installation of Perl applications (such as Nagios), the warning, perl: warning: Setting locale failed, may be displayed. Warning MessageThe warning message during the