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There are two parts to the answer: !! and sudo !! is part of the functionality of the shell (in the case of Ubuntu this is probably bash, but other shells like zsh or csh support this, too) called "history expansion". It behaves in a similar way as o
Trying out a new design for your site/blog, But the problem of cross browser compatibility always comes. You can check out services like Browsershots, which shows screenshots of the webiste/blog in various web browsers in different Operating Systems.
The last remaining memories fade away into darkness. Your mind is a mess and only a feeling of being hunted remains. You must escape
Apart from other uses of the words "snap" and "snappy," we have Click packaging which is a development of Debian packaging (debs) and is used at present on Ubuntu phones & tablets. These applications are called click apps. Then, click packaging e
We have reviewed both Google Books Lens and Gwibber Lens for the Ubuntu Unity launcher. This time we have the Unity Lens for AskUbuntu, which can help you quickly search and find answers to Ubuntu issues rather than having to endlessly search the int
WARNING: CryptKeeper has recently been reported that it has a universal password bug that puts your data at potential risk. This issue may not yet be fixed in Ubuntu, use this solution at your own risk. Relevant bug information links:Upstream bug: ht
There is no cross-distribution way. However: Redhat and friends: Test for /etc/redhat-release, check contents Debian: Test for /etc/debian_version, check contents Mandriva and friends: Test for /etc/version, check contents Slackware: Test for /etc/sl
Tested in Ubuntu 14. 04 Those bookmarks are controlled by ~/. config/user-dirs
Building Unity from SourceIn this guide you will build a separated version of Unity trunk (locally installed to your home directory), so you don't need to worry about corrupting the version from the Ubuntu repositories and you also won't need to get