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Copy text by highlighting it with your mouse. Usually you can use Ctl+C or right click the selection select "copy" from the popup menu as well. Paste text by clicking your middle mouse button
User settings are stored in the Home folder by design. So, if you copy your /home/your-username to your new computer, you should be fine.
by Jon Cage Last Updated May 15, 2015 23:00 PM When I issue the following: sudo shutdown now . . my newly commissioned Ubuntu 14
I can not ping microsoft. com but can open it through Firefox. I am using 12
Getting the program to show up in the search seems to be difficult at best, which I'm sure will get better as Gnome3 matures and progresses. (The state of Gnome3 right now will certainly not be the same in a month. ) In order to add an application as
I wanted to keep my existing configuration and programs on my Cubieboard2 with Linaro Lubuntu, but at the same I wanted to upgrade the packages since the Lubuntu 12. 10 is quite outdated. This post describes my steps to upgrade my Cubieboard2 to the
This is what I found working for me: You will need to access the "config editor" in Thunderbird itself. Open Thunderbird. In 24
Computer displays are growing bigger all the time, and that means they display graphics at much higher resolutions than old CRT monitors did. Although you can view more things on screen in higher definition, a larger display also makes everything loo
The following command signs me out (do not run this command): kill -9 -1 I don't understand why. Can someone explain this to me? The syntax is kill SIGNAL PID. The -9 option specifies that the SIGKILL signal should be sent (immediately terminate the
The results are more hideous even than apg or pwgen (even with the -s option set), but this is more fun: head -c 8192 /dev/urandom | strings --bytes 8 | sed 's/\s//' I suspect your use case if different, but this kind of thing is useful for shared se