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System-wide proxies in CLI Ubuntu/Server must be set as environment variables. Open the /etc/environment file with vi (or your favorite editor). This file stores the system-wide variables initialized upon boot
"JUST GET IT DONE PEOPLE" sudo apt purge nvidia-*** nvidia-settings sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt dist-upgrade sudo apt install nvidia-384 sudo reboot After insta
What Is SSH?One essential tool to master as a system administrator is SSH. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a protocol used to securely log onto remote systems. It is the most common way to access remote Linux and Unix-like servers
Short answer: they store temporary system files, including device locks and memory segments shared between different processes. Don't worry, they usually use a fraction of their "size" shown by df /run is, in general, a temporary filesystem (tmpfs) r
Many of us are familiar with the concept of “hiding” a folder or file in Windows. Hiding a folder or file just “removes” the folder from the normal view and then you can choose to display “hidden files” to see it. Let us make me one thing clear here
All log files are located in /var/log directory. In that directory, there are specific files for each type of logs. For example, system logs, such as kernel activities are logged in syslog file
How can I hide recent files that my Ubuntu Netbook's unity menu shows when I click on the files and folder icon? Okay ! I watch porn sometimes and right after that it appears in the files and folder menu. And believe me, that is not a good thing. :D
I am a network admin who recently made the switch from MS-Windows to Ubuntu Linux. I need to use Java and Firefox web browser plugin to run java applet. I am unable to access many devices such as Firewall appliance, LBS/VPX, and network equipments du
Is there any way to remove or configure the following Unity keyboard shortcuts? I want to make use of these keyboard shortcuts, but I have no use for what they're currently assigned to. Super+M (Music Search) Super+A (Application Search) Super+C (Pic
if you use xfce and don't want to mess anything, you could use my solution. I fixed by manually editing xdg-open as follows: First of all make sure you have the mime associated (as explained before, with xdg-mime) Then backup xdg-open as root (sudo i