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All of the following information (and quite a lot more useful Upstart help) is from The Upstart Cookbook. Section 18 covers debugging. http://upstart
Resize/Move Partitions with Free Partition ResizerEaseUS Partition Master Free is a popular disk managent tool that can help you manage disk space with high efficiency. Its resize/Move partition feature maks it a powerful partition resizer or extende
I have set up ssh key pairs between my desktop and two servers, and from the servers to my desktop, but after reinstalling the OS on my desktop, I can't re-establish the keypair going into my desktop by this: mkdir ~/. ssh chmod 700 ~/. ssh ssh-keyge
Suppose gedit is the program you want to run detached (aka. "disown", "disentangle", "decouple"). There are different ways depending on what you want to do exactly: Program already runningDisown:disown -h is the way to go if you want to do that with
This is a dirty hack but I'd suggest either a divert or a log target with iptables for a given UID. eg: iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m owner --uid-owner $USER -m tcp -j LOG iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p udp -m owner --uid-owner $USER -m udp -j LO
Is there any utility to make searches for a string inside ASCII files to avoid command line searches? How to make a command line search, for example for the string "test" inside all files in the directory /var/x/? You can use searchmonkey. The tool i
May 21, 2011 I just install the latest beta chromium by executing these commands: Code: The problem is I still want the Stable version of Chromium, and I want the developer version of Chromium not the beta release. So I got 2 problems: I need to down
Creating an unattended install consists of the following steps: Create a configuration file, ks. cfg, using the GUI Kickstart tool. Extract the files from the Ubuntu install ISO
Manual Pages!Your reference on Linux. IntroductionThe Linux command line offers a wealth of power and opportunity. If your memory is like mine then you find it hard to remember a large number of details
By default Windows 10 is not configured to remember the keyboard layout for each program or window. But you might want to force your operating system to do it. Of course it will be useful first of all for those who use several input languages on PC,