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Ctrl + G will let you read the help. nano can do some pretty nice things so you might want to pootle around in there for a bit. When you see ^G (et al) it means Ctrl + G
No, it means that you won't be able to run Linux on the Intel 80386 chip, the original chip from Intel which supported 32-bit architecture. Those processors had clock speeds of 12-40 Mhz and were superseded by Intel 80486 and then Intel Pentium in ea
I have a pretty basic problem here, that has happened so haphazardly to me that up until now, I've just ignored it. I downloaded tomcat web server and "Murach's Java Servlets and JSP" book is telling me to navigate to the tomcat/bin directory and sta
These directories/places include Home, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures mounted drives and network drives (if any). Suppose a situation where you want to add a new directory in it for quick access. Lets say Dropbox
Open a terminal using CTRL+Alt+T and execute the below command to remove line 6, which is not correct form of repository source line, thus apt giving you an error about malformed line. WARNING: Don't execute this command without reading the question
I wasn't going to post this - I think I misunderstood your scenario - but here goes, maybe see if some ideas pop up: A few questions: Does this happen with other packages on the box as well? Do you see the same problem with the VMWare package on othe
Have you ever noticed that by default there’s a Templates folder in your home directory? In some file managers, there’s an item in the right-click menu to “Create empty file” or “Create new file”. However, Files (also known as Nautilus) lets you crea
Password managers are becoming more and more popular. The ability to keep all of your passwords in one spot is highly appealing. With mobile, you can have them on you at all times and the security isn’t half bad anymore
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