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1 LTS amd64 desktop to a DLNA-compliant external device in our network? Selecting media content in shared directories using Rygel, miniDLNA, and uShare is always fine - but so far we completely failed to get a live audio stream to a client via DLNA.
Most of the terminals seem to use copy on select and middle-button to paste selection, or emulated middle-button to paste (using both mouse buttons at once). This is typical Unix behavior, and the emulation is the updated usage required by Microsoft-
The address containing ea9a:8fff:fe6d:6aaa is an automatically configured address based on your Ethernet MAC address. You can recognize them because they contain .
Unity-3D and Unity-2D are visually very similar. Unity 3D Unity 2D However, the underlying technology used to configure are very different. Unity 3D uses a compiz plugin and you can use ccsm to configure
If you are accessing a remote server frequently, it is convenient for you to be able to SSH to the remote host without entering an SSH password. Passwordless SSH login is even more useful when you are using SSH for non-interactive purposes, for examp
On Windows OS we can find the list of local user groups created on a system from Contorl Panel -> User Accounts. This information can be obtained from command line also using net command. Syntax is shown below
Yesterday I successfully installed Diablo 3 on my laptop, Asus Zenbook UX32VD. But I think steps that I did can be done on any other computer. My configuration: Linux 3
Finally figured it out. . first sudo apt-get install dconf-tools nautilus-open-terminal, then run dconf-editor and set the org/gnome/desktop/interface/can-change-accels boolean on
Officially Supported HardwareTo check if your card is supported visit this site. If you card is not listed there then probably it is too new and simply is not supported by any ATI driver. Installation of the driversBefore installing any drivers you n
Unfortunately it seems you accidentally partitioned your whole drive replacing your Windows partitions with a single Ubuntu partition. You will not be able to recover these partitions by restoring Vista with the recovery CD. In fact every write attem