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Question:I have messed up my sudoers file and I want to change the permission on it. When I login in recovery mode, I cannot run the command chmod as it is read-only option. I tried mount -o remount,rw / in recovery mode
In addition, cd . . can take you back to the working directory's parent directory and then if necessary the command can be repeated until you get to where you want to be
There are times when you will end on a web page that looks like a folder and you can only find files being listed. This is because the webserver directory index file (index. html, default
It would be handy to have a clock included on the title bars of app windows for those who often need to keep an eye on the time. Ok, so Windows already has a system tray clock. However, not everybody keeps the taskbar’s clock at the bottom of the des
If I understand the question correctly, you would like to be able to switch workspaces independently for each screen, so that for example the left screen could be on workspace 1 and the right screen on workspace 3. This is supported by some window ma
On Ubuntu 10. 04, relatime is part of the default mount options, unless overridden in /etc/fstab. The previous few releases had relatime explicitly in /etc/fstab
Apt doesn't support it directly, but there are ways to do it. One is to use schroot to create a non-root chroot. This is a somewhat involved process, but one you should be able find community help for as many developers set up chroot environments for
jdmcdaniel3 wrote:> Perhaps so however, as the kernel-rt source gets older, its not going> to be a choice for openSUSE. Any idea why the support for this is no> longer there for us?>Maybe because a RT kernel does not make that much sense