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Find your processor type. Since you can have a 32-bit operating system installed on a 64-bit processor, it may be helpful to know if you’re actually running a 64-bit processor. With the System Information open from the previous step, click Device Man
The simplest method of installation is through the Sublime Text console. The console is accessed via the ctrl+` shortcut or the menu. Once open, paste the appropriate Python code for your version of Sublime Text into the console
Will Unity allow making custom launcher icons from . desktop files or via menu editing system? (Right now the launcher doesn't give the option to "keep in launcher" on all programs. For some programs I use, I have to make custom launchers or
Out of the box, Ubuntu sends cron logging information to the generic /var/log/syslog file. You can use (z)grep to quickly search through the various /var/log/syslog files to find cron messages (or narrow your search to a specific log if you know more
First you're going to want to turn off your computer and restart it. After the BIOS screen, hold down the left shift key. A menu will open
HUD is joining the federal response to historic flooding in . .
In Windows XP enabling Hibernate option was a very easy task. One could navigate to Control Panel, Power Options and then Hibernate tab to enable or disable Hibernation feature. But in Windows 7, we have to follow a different approach to do the same
The following packages have unmet dependencies: libreadline6-dev : Depends: libtinfo-dev but it is not going to be installed libsqlite3-dev : Depends: libsqlite3-0 (= 3. 8. 6-1) but 3
XZ is another compression method used to compress data. There are several ways on how to decompress XZ archive on Linux. For a tarball XZ compressed archive first try a tar command with xf options