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Question:I want to copy a directory from one place to another folder. sudo cp is the command, but after that what should I type? The destination or source first? Solution:1The -a flag is probably what you are looking for: cp -a /path/from /path/to Th
I'll address the online buffering that browsers use. .
Short answer:http://www. rw-designer. com/picture-resize Long answer:Download the executable from internet: photoresize400
If anyone stumble upon this page while digging the web for fixes on the libudev. so. 0 & the Emotiv Epoc SDK Dev Edition on Ubuntu, I hope the following will help: // my config is 64bit Ubuntu 13
How To Install Java Plugin For Google Chrome Internet Help BasicsFull Download How To Install Java Plugin For Google Chrome Internet Help Basics Games With Gameplay Walkthrough Full Guide And Tutorial Video HD. Download How To Install Java Plugin For
On 06/24/2011 11:06 AM, Ctwx wrote:>> I found the configuration but it only changes the font in the> editor. oh.
Your situationYou have successfully installed Ubuntu. You have just downloaded and booted Ubuntu live media. The latest LTS (see also HWE) or latest non-LTS release are preferred
I cannot find the settings anywhere do I have to set it through terminal through gconftools or is there some GUI present for it? Go to Dash Home type System Settings, click system settings then network. Proxy settings will be visible to you. Click sy
What follows is a basic example of how a source package for a python script might look. While most of the packaging tutorials are a bit complex, they can really help if you hit a problem. That said, I first learned the basics of Debian packaging by s