The iptables-save command is, as we have already explained, a tool to save the current rule-set into a file that iptables-restore can use. This command is quite simple really, and takes only two arguments. Take a look at the following example to unde
Synchronization of data available in CodeTwo Exchange Sync can be divided into two general types: One-Way - involves synchronizing items only in one direction: from the source folders to the target folders. It means that once you create, delete or ch
according to Oracle Official Doc for Linux Download you can install virtual box by adding it's repository using two ways 1 - add it's repository(according to your ubuntu version) directry into /etc/apt/sources. list file [next line for ubuntu 16. 04
I read that there is now a 2D version of Unity built on Qt. How do I install it, and once it's installed, how do I switch to it? For 11. 10, 12
If you want to hide files, you are only left with renaming them with a preceding . , as is *NIX convention. Sorry, but that's it
I'd just like to point out something in these answers. In a date/time format string, '/' will be replaced with whatever the user's date separator is, and ':' will be replaced with whatever the user's time separator is. That is, if I've defined my dat
To install Skype, you need to download the latest version from the Skype website. Do not download Skype from anywhere else. Having problems downloading Skype? The Skype install file is about 1
Mac computers use the Lucida Grande font AFAIK, there’s a download link here - Font Lucida Grande Regular (shh this may be semi-illegal) Once you have the font down on your computer, it’s pretty easy to change the font. Here’s a quick tutorial how. H
Good day, I have cross-compiled Qt 5. 1. 1 for an IMX6 powered Nitrogen6x running Debian Wheezy
Do you know this famous proverb: live and learn? Well, this saying can be a good subtitle for today's post. I would like to tell you about the useful feature of DAEMON Tools Ultra, which I have discovered recently. It is a very tricky way of how to c